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Python Programming Training

OSTIRION offers tailored in-company training in the areas of Python Programming and Machine Learning with Python.

We can, depending on your needs offer:

- Basic Python Bootcamp Course:  This professional course will allow you to start programming in the Python language. This is a basic course that does not require any previous programming experience. 40 hours of lecture and 60 hours of individual work.

Download the syllabus here: 


- Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Seminar: A 4-hour seminar for management professionals tailored for your industry and sector. You will understand how machine learning/artificial intelligence can be leveraged inside your company to reduce costs, maximize benefits and innovate.

Download the syllabus here: 


- At your own company premises or in our virtual classroom. Contact us for your customized training solution.


Contact us at or follow this link.

Our consultants and advisors are certified in the best development frameworks and methodologies, ISO15288 is our specialty.

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