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Design Thinking Workshop Facilitation and Consulting

Design Thinking Workshop Facilitation services span architects of strategic planning and expert delivery, to expert leadership development and change capability building, through to core skills building – all via group sessions or individual coaching and mentoring.

We offer a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf creativity fostering and innovation solutions that can be tailored and integrated as part of your broader innovation, digitalization of innovation transformation agenda, or as stand-alone initiatives.

Facilitation combines a range of capabilities to offer:

  • Strategic planning and workshop facilitation.

  • Utilizing various tools, techniques, and methodologies (design thinking, project management, change management, leadership, and performance) to design and deliver powerful workshops and training.

  • Instructional design of core skills training as it relates to change management and leadership.

  • Bespoke and off-the-shelf innovation, research, and Intellectual Property management facilitation and training


A 4-day (Thursday to Sunday) interactive Design Thinking and Innovation Boot Camp for groups of 8 to 10 professionals. Facilitated live at your preferred location or in the beautiful city of Santander in Spain, this program combines one-to-one coaching and group networking. Participants learn to navigate the six fundamental phases  of Design Thinking:

  • Understand – learn to produce a thorough understanding.

  • Observe – learn to gain information from open mind observation of the environment.

  • Define  – learn to synthesize understanding and observation together in a singular element.

  • Ideate – learn to produce innovative ideas profusely.

  • Prototype – learn to design practical experiments.

  • Test - learn to validate your solutions operationally.

Contact us with your specific workshop needs or to receive more details at or follow this link.

Innovation patents of invention generated through our facilitation workshops:


Our consultants and advisors are certified in the best development frameworks and methodologies, ISO15288 is our specialty.

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