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OSTIRION has developed its own Optical Train Positioning System (SPOT) technology. The SPOT technology senses the position and speed of a train in the railway network using affordable and scalable optical systems and artificial intelligence processor technology.

The SPOT system offers an additional and alternate speed and location signal at a reduced cost, potentially decreasing both infrastructure construction and train operating costs by several orders of magnitude. These position and speed signals are not subjected to GPS error or wheel odometry error.

The SPOT system can:

  1. Detect relevant wayside position and sector status markers.

  2. Recognize the information contained in the marker.

  3. Process the corresponding position in the rail network and estimated train speed.

  4. Position the train in the rail network and report location, speed, and status to the CBTC control centers.

General view.png

Watch it in action in different rail networks with differing point markers and non-ideal visual conditions:

The system can operate in any sufficiently marked network, and it can up-system any existing network and rolling stock fleet to the next level in an affordable manner. The system can be configured with pre-existing camera recording systems and existing onboard computing systems, provided the minimum requirements are met. OSTIRION can alternatively provide a complete hardware system and support its integration and installation.

The system enables precise vehicle location at stations and composition operation sites:

For further information, demonstrations of any inquiry, please contact us at the following link: Contact Us.

Patent request number: P202130511 - Spain Patent Office.

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