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Financial, Asset Management & Trading

Ostirion offers customized quantitative financial consulting and decision support.

There are multiple needs  and approaches for capital preservation and growth: 

-  Asset universe selections, legislation hurdles.

-  Available trading frequencies.

-  Available technical or fundamental data and the viability of its use.

-  Risk appetites of individual investors or organizations.


Ostirion can help you navigate these factors and obtain the financial results you need. 

We can:

- Implement your automated trading strategy.

- Develop trading strategies depending on your needs.

- Provide financial management decision support.

- Help you with your financial Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence projects.



We can provide customized algorithmic trading solutions using open-source and closed-source research, simulation, and deployment engines.


We provide trading automation services. We can help you fully automate your trading execution.


Ostirion offers its services to all types of customers, be it retail traders, family offices, financial institutions, or non-finance companies. If you have financial assets to manage and are concerned with execution and risk, we can help you.


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