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Value Proposal

Our objective is to bring scientific clarity to business operations in the financial, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Be it day trading or long-term investment, individual investors and investment institutions often make mistakes in their asset allocation and pricing predictions using outdated information and non-verified procedures that lead to undesirable or non-optimal results.

Companies of all sizes have problems adapting to new and complex technologies such as advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and satellite imagery. Opportunities are lost due to lack of information, aversion to excessive risk, or lack of know-how.

OSTIRION can help you create, modify, verify or discard your investment strategies and tactics using quantitative data, model backtesting, and machine learning models.

OSTIRION can help you implement machine vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence procedures in your daily operation.

OSTIRION offers full-spectrum consulting services to improve your business results with a scientific and quantitative approach based on Systems Engineering procedures and state-of-the-art research, from the concept of operation to in-service validation of innovative and high-impact solutions.

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