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OSTIRION has developed its own infrastructure-based robot control technology. This Brainless Bot (BB) technology senses the position and speed of mobile robots that are members of a robot fleet using affordable and scalable optical systems and artificial intelligence processor technology.

The BB system offers an additional and alternate speed and location signal for mobile robot elements at a reduced cost, potentially decreasing robotic fleet operating costs by several orders of magnitude. These position and speed signals are not subjected to GPS error or wheel odometry errors.

The BB system can:

  1. Detect the position of individual robots operating inside an area.

  2. Record the position of every robot in a fleet in real-time.

  3. Process the corresponding position, speed, and attitude of a robot.

  4. Predict, control and optimize robot unit commands to perform its mission.

Robot Control Scheme.png


Watch the prototypes in action:


For further information, demonstrations or any inquiry, please contact us at the following link: Contact Us.

Patent request number: ES2939332A1 - Spain Patent Office.

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