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Drone Robots without a Brain

We have been busy these past months developing a novel robot control system. Robots, especially those used in logistics, operating in areas congested by robot traffic, are expensive. If these robots are "Artificial Intelligence Powered", the cost may skyrocket due to the use of electronic components in high demand, a short supply: Graphics Processing Units (GPU), sensor arrays, and almost every other non-high-tech semiconductor part.

Using the latest applications of optical recognition powered by Artificial Intelligence, we have developed and filed for a patent for a novel robot control system scheme in which each robot unit carries the minimum number of components required for motion control. Under patent request number P201220080, we are disclosing a method and equipment to control moving robots without sensors or computers onboard.

Our approach uses existing security cameras or purpose-installed cameras to locate the position of individual robots optically, optionally using fiduciary markers. In this manner, the cost of each unique robot in a fleet is significantly reduced.

If interested, do not hesitate and contact us at or follow this link:

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